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Can I handle my personal injury claim myself?

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One question regularly asked by claimants is whether they can handle a personal injury claim themselves without the aid of a personal injury lawyer. The simple answer to this question is yes, they can, but we at Fonseca Law always recommend hiring a personal injury lawyer as many situations and scenarios can arise where the expertise of a solicitor is a valuable asset.

Lawyer’s fees

The main reason why people choose to handle their own personal injury claim is because of the cost of hiring a professional injury solicitor. Legal fees are a percentage of the total compensation awarded to a victim and the percentage varies depending on the claims management firm. Not paying lawyer’s fees can often be tempting, but it’s important to remember a personal injury lawyer may be able to win a claimant more compensation which - after deducting solicitor’s fees - can be substantially more than the total awarded if the claim was handled alone without legal advice. Furthermore, asking for the help of a solicitor may simply make the difference between winning and losing your case.

Knowledge is power

It is likely that a person handling a personal injury claim themselves will not possess the legal knowledge to make informed and accurate decisions. Insurance firms are simply looking to pay victims as little compensation as possible, preferably none whatsoever, and if a victim is representing themselves, many firms will likely offer compensation settlements which are substantially less than the claim is worth. Personal injury solicitors have the knowledge and experience to ensure victims receive a fair level of compensation and are not exploited by insurance companies.

Obtaining legal documents

Personal injury claims are never black and white, and insurance companies are experts at looking for ways to disprove accidents and injuries. Many claims require victims to provide detailed documents other than just medical bills and records; these may include thorough hospital reports from doctors or proof from financial experts that a victim’s finances have been impacted on by the accident. Many claimants handling their own claims provide the basic documents but fail to produce these additional papers which usually results in the claim being delayed, or worse, lost. Our personal injury lawyers have handled thousands of claims and can therefore advise victims on which documents are needed and how to obtain them.

We understand that not having to pay for legal representation is appealing, but we recommend hiring a lawyer regardless of whether your claim is worth £1000 or £100,000. Our lawyers are highly trained and have the experience and knowhow to win you any compensation you’re entitled to, and give you the best chance at it. If you would like to speak with us please contact us through our personal injury claim form or phone us on 01495 303124. You can also pop into our offices in Ebbw Vale and speak with us directly.