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No Win, No Fee... No Problem!

No doubt you are familiar with the all-singing, all-dancing ‘no win, no fee’ adverts from claim management providers. And more recently you may be aware of the service getting bad press, with David Cameron calling for an end to ‘compensation culture’.

Most people would not begrudge someone claiming compensation for injuries caused by serious accidents. But you might be concerned about trivial claims for some minor accidents contributing to this ‘compensation culture’. In particular, the increase of whiplash claims has been heavily criticised for driving up vehicle insurance premiums. But if ‘no win, no fee’ was taken away, how would people access the justice system without enough money to cover all the costs?

‘No win, no fee’ was first introduced to improve the legal system and help legions of people across the United Kingdom gain access to justice following an accident which was due to no fault of their own. Before this introduction, many people who were involved in an accident would not even contemplate making a claim because of all the expenses. With ‘no win, no fee’, it means that those who have been injured can now claim compensation at no cost to themselves, and without the chance of having to pay expensive barrister costs if the private injury claim is unsuccessful. This means many more victims of accidents are able to claim the compensation they are lawfully entitled to. It means a fair chance for everyone, poor as well as rich.

Unfortunately, there are some disreputable companies who capitalise on the ‘no win, no free’ system just to make a quick profit. In particular, claims management companies advertise a personal injury claims service but refer it to a firm of solicitors for a fee. They act as ‘brokers’ and are not required to operate under a code of conduct, unlike solicitors who are strictly regulated.

So this is why it’s important to be aware of the right and wrong legal service to use. Personal injury law firms are teams of qualified and regulated solicitors with the expertise to conduct personal injury claims directly and process them to the very end – such as Fonseca Law.

Here at Fonseca Law, we understand the current complexities of the legal landscape. We see importance of taking your time to source the right legal support for you claim. We offer straightforward and reliable advice. We will not waste your time on an insubstantial claim, but if you have a case, we will give it our all. We are committed to making sure that everyone has fair access to justice.

Ivor says “If you believe you have a case, give us a ring or send us a claim form and if we think you’ve got a serious case, we’ll seek fair compensation for your injustice – with no hidden costs!”