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Ivor and the Claims Farming Nuisance Call

The other day I was flying back from visiting an elderly lady who had been in a car accident. She had been a bit surprised to meet a dragon working as a solicitor, but we discovered a mutual love of Welsh cakes and got along swimmingly.

Anyway, as I was flying back to the office, my phone rang, number withheld. I answered at once, of course – it could have been someone in need of help after an accident.

“Hello, Ivor the Legal Dragon speaking.”

“Have you had an accident recently?” said the caller.

“Have I had an accident recently?” I repeated. “I thought you were ringing me about your accident. Who’s calling please?”

“We’re the Acme Accident Helpline. We’re here to help you make an insurance claim.”

“Well, I hardly need it, since I’m a personal injury solicitor myself! What are your legal qualifications?”

“Oh, er… we can refer you on to a solicitor’s firm. For a small fee, of course. Terms and conditions apply...”

Grr! I shot out a jet of flame. Fortunately my hands are naturally fireproof, and my phone is specially treated for dragon usage and didn’t melt.

“How did you get my number?” I asked. The line went dead. Very odd!

But as I saw in the newspaper, it wasn’t an isolated incident. At the moment, there’s a surge in nuisance phone calls from claims management companies. Claims management companies aren’t solicitors or lawyers, but hunt out potential cases and sell them on to law firms for referral fees. But new legislation coming into force in April next year bans the payment of referral fees.

Unfortunately, some firms are trying to call as many people as possible in the meantime. They increase the impression of a “compensation culture” and take the attention away from genuine claimants in need of good, reputable advice.

If you’ve had an accident, don’t wait for a nuisance call from a third party. Come direct to Fonseca Law – we are qualified solicitors authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We will give you honest, reliable advice, and offer a free first appointment and “no win no fee” service. Contact us today!