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Ivor the Dragon is concerned about firework personal injury

I may be a dragon but I think now I am a bit scared of fire after what happened to me last night!

I love to blow some steam with a few flames – I can do the alphabet in fiery letters! But this week-end was a bit too overwhelming for me. So many humans play with fire in early November! Tiny ones seem less practised than bigger ones but both are dangerously playing with fire.

I love fire fighters because when I was a baby dragon I was clumsy and I set “a few” things on fire, and they were always there to right my wrongs.

I hear that my dear firemen (and firewomen) friends are called upon more than usual on a night humans call Bonfire Night. In Wales where I come from it was pretty ok but in the neighbouring realm of England, that is a different story.

On my newly bought tablet I saw a video of people using a home-made bazooka to set fire to a wood stack from just feet away.

Even I don’t stay so close to a fire. I always create a safety perimeter of about 30 feet before blowing anything and I stay far from trees, roads, gardens, residential areas and anything not fireproof. I also prefer to be above the fire I set but I hear humans don’t fly well. They cannot see well through smoke either so that is why I stay away from roads because if there is smoke on the road humans cannot see anything and it is dangerous for them.

I am so unlucky that I prefer to be safe than sorry and I don’t want to be liable for personal injuries. And I keep my mouth shut when I have had too much ginger beer because I love it but I tend not to fly straight when I drink more than a pint so I don’t trust myself around… well me! I wouldn’t dream of trying to blow fire after even a drop of ginger beer.

As I said on Monday I was having a stroll around a small green area where I live – I can’t tell you where exactly because I gave my address once and people in armours showed up and chased me. While I was just minding my own business, I felt a small sting on my stomach and something exploded all around me! I looked down and I saw a tiny human run away. I am lucky to be fire-proof and to have strong scales because otherwise I would have ended up in hospital.

Legally, fireworks cannot be sold to anyone under 18 years old and no one under 18 is allowed to use them in public. It is also against the law to use fireworks on the street.

If you want to use safely fireworks we advise you to never drink alcohol before setting them off and to prepare it in advance, and possibly tape them. This way the fireworks won’t fall down when you light them and will be thrown into the air and not into someone or someone else’s property. It is better to wear gloves in order to avoid burns if the fireworks sets off earlier than you expected. Light them at arm’s length and stand well back. If it hasn’t exploded be careful it can still blow at anytime.

Fireworks are dangerous and can cause physical damage such as burns. In some severe cases they are deadly so please be careful.

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