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Trips and slips - The personal injury everyone loves to hate

Personal Injury due to trips and slipsWe've all fallen in our lives, whether we tripped over an uneven pavement while walking down the street, slipped on some spilt milk in the supermarket or fell over a raised manhole while crossing the road. Most of us will merely suffer a few scratches and a little embarrassment. However for some unlucky few, a more serious injury can follow. Injuries such as broken bones, sprained ankles & wrists and serious bruising can result in a prolonged period in hospital especially for the elderly who are more fragile. This can be very stressful for themselves and their family.

Falls Awareness Week 2013

In line with Falls Awareness Week 2013, we at Fonseca Law would like to remind our readers that it is important to be careful when you’re out and about. We believe the best way to avoid injuries is to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions. If you know that a pavement near your home is unstable, make sure you wear suitable footwear and report it to your local authority. Small precautions like that this can help prevent unnecessary injuries.

However, no matter how careful you are, we understand that accidents do happen and it’s not always possible to avoid them. The very nature of an accident is that it’s unexpected! If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of a trip, slip or fall then you may be entitled to compensation. It’s no secret that personal injury claims as a result of a fall are often seen as trivial and a prime example of the ‘compensation culture’ that the media talk so much about. However, with health and safety executives believing that 95% of major slips and falls result in serious injury, such as a broken bone, you shouldn’t be put off making a personal injury claim because of what other people say or believe.

It is important that all private and public organisations provide safe and secure buildings for workers, clients and visitors. It is their responsibility to make sure their premises are safe. Local Authorities are also responsible for ensuring that pavements, public highways and other public transportation routes are in good condition and safe for public use.

Examples of personal injuries as a result of trips, falls and slips

During our 75 years of providing legal services we’ve handled numerous personal injury claims for trips and falls and have been extremely successful in winning our claims, just take a look at some of our recent awards. Our experienced and professional solicitors have seen a wide variety of injuries which have resulted from a trip or slips. Examples of instances that have led to a personal injury claim include:

  • Injuries to the elderly as a result of tripping or slipping in a public place
  • Injuries to shoppers who have slipped on milk or water in a supermarket
  • Injuries to children caused by faulty playground equipment
  • Injuries to council tenants as a result of defective properties and house repairs

If you need to make a personal injury claim - contact our experienced solicitors.

As the saying goes - prevention is always better than a cure. If you’re able to, it’s always best to prevent an accident from happening however, we understand that this is not always possible. So if you've suffered a personal injury as a result of a trip or fall, contact us on 01495 303124 or you can fill out one of our quick and easy online claim forms. if you're in the Ebbw Vale area you can also visit our offices to speak with our solicitors directly.