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Personal injury motor claims have fallen to the lowest level since 2009

Cars speeding along the roadThe UK Government published new figures in late April showing that the number of personal injury motor insurance claims has fallen to its lowest level since 2009. The performance data, published by the UK Government’s Compensation Recovery Unit shows that 650,019 motor injury claims were recorded in 2017/2018, the lowest level since 2009 when 625,072 personal injury claims were recorded.

According to the data, motor injury personal injury claims have risen almost every year since 2009, with 674,997 recorded in 2009/2010, 790,999 in 2010/2011, 828,489 in 2011/2012, 818,334 in 2012/2013, 772,843 in 2013/2014, 772,843 in 2013/2014, 761,878 in 2014/2015, 770,791 in 2015/2016, 780,324 in 2016/2017 and finally 650,019 in 2017/2018. The figures show that the introduction of LASPO in 2012/2013 helped reduce the number of claims, but they have slowly increased again until this year.

Figures discredit the Civil Liability Bill

Discussing the data, the director of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, Brett Dixon, said that the figures discredit the principles behind the Civil Liability Bill which was debated by peers last month. He added that the government claims the new Bill will reduce insurance premiums by reducing the level of compensation paid to people with whiplash injuries. He finished by saying the Bill will not achieve its overall aim of lowering premium costs for motorists.

The director of the general insurance policy at the Association of British Insurers, James Dalton, also discussed the figures, saying that road traffic accidents have decreased in recent years, and thus, it’s a sign of how broken the system is considering it’s taken this long to see a year’s worth of falling whiplash personal injury claims.

Mr Dalton added that the main reason for the slow decline in whiplash personal injury claims is the threat of legislation, as many claimant lawyers and claims management companies have moved into other areas such as holiday sickness. He continued to say that if the government fails to fix the broken whiplash claims system now, claimant lawyers and claims management companies will likely return in numbers, costing millions of motorists in the long run.

The news that whiplash personal injury claims have fallen come a month after insurance leaders pledged to pass on all savings made through the Civil Liability Bill reforms on to policyholders. Insurers such as Admiral, Allianz, Hastings, Zurich, and LV have signed up to the agreement.

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