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The UK Supreme Court to sit in Wales this summer

Gavel with legal books and scalesThe UK Supreme Court, which was founded on October 1st 2009, will be sitting in Cardiff for the first time this summer.

The news came as Supreme Court president Lady Hale and Lord Lloyd-Jones took to social media back on St David's day to make the announcement in both English and Welsh.

Court will sit in the Ty Hwyel building this July

The court will sit within the Ty Hywel building in the Welsh National Assembly for summer hearings that take place between July 22nd and July 25th, during a time when local lawmakers are on recess.

Interestingly, the Ty Hywel building where the justices will sit is named after a Welsh king, Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good), who first codified the laws of Wales back in the 10th century.

Deputy president Lord Reed, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Sales and Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd will all join Lady Hale in Cardiff for the hearings.

The Court completes its tour of the UK

The Court has been making its way around the UK as it first sat in Scotland back in 2017, and last year for 2018 the court made a visit to Ireland. In each instance the court hearings were specifically relevant to the host nation.

While releasing a statement, Lade Hale claimed that the Supreme Court were delighted to be making the announcement of their planned arrival in Cardiff on the day Wales celebrated St David's Day, and that this will then mean that the court will have sat in all four countries that make up the United Kingdom following their trips to Belfast and Edinburgh over the previous two years.

The justices will hear three cases

Lady Hale went on to say that the court will be hearing three very interesting cases during the time it sits in Wales, and that this will provide an excellent opportunity for those living locally to come and witness the Supreme Court in action and to experience cases of great importance being discussed within the country. Lady Hale also clarified that the hearings will also be live-streamed so that others still have the option of tuning in online so that they can watch as well, as has been the case in the past.

The cases that will be brought to the Supreme Court for hearings in Wales will include one that is relevant to the legal profession as it relates to damages following solicitors negligence, one that concerns the factors relevant to granting planning permission for a wind turbine, and one that considers the duties owed by a financial institution where a shareholder director has acted fraudulently.

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